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  • December 18, 2013
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Updated: December 18, 2013

Learn to Play Machine Head with Demmel & Flynn

learn to play machine head

Phil Demmel and Rob Flynn, guitarists for metal band Machine Head have some exciting news for guitar players. They have just announced that they will be teaming up with leading online guitar lesson provider JamPlay.com to offer 4 exclusive guitar lessons.

The lessons will be off their albums “The Blackening” and “Unto the Locust”. “The Blackening” is definitely my favorite of their 7 albums so far.

In addition to the song lessons, the metal guitarists will also be discussing different topics such as playing in a two guitarist band, rhythm techniques and more. If you’ve ever taken a JamPlay song lesson you know they are much more than the short 8 minute YouTube videos we all watch time and again.

Some JamPlay song lessons can get up to an hour and a half long. That’s 90 minutes of video teaching a 3-4 minute audio, all including supplemental TABs and other resources.

If you know Machine Head you know they are fast, in your face, and use a lot of harmonics.. Like, almost too much harmonics. That’s okay, though! That’s why we love it so much. That chug-chug-chug-PING-chug-chug just sounds so sweet. I love it.

The guitar lessons will be released before the year’s end. With them you will learn to play Machine Head songs:

1. Machine Head – “Aesthetics of Hate”
2. Machine Head – “Darkness Within”
3. Machine Head – “Be Still and Know”
4. Machine Head – “Now I Lay Thee Down”

I learned to play Now I Lay Thee Down last year. It was moderately challenging, but a lot of fun to play/learn. Definitely a song that has influenced many of my rhythm and lead parts.

I’m really looking forward to the release of these new song lessons. You can read more about it and sign up to be notified upon it’s release on JamPlay’s official press release: Machine Head In The Studio

Do you know any Machine Head songs? Would you be interested in more metal lesson releases like this one? Please leave any comments or questions in the field below. I will get back to you typically within 24 hours. Thanks for reading!

posted December 18, 2013

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  1. Great article! I play guitar, never have listened to Machine Head though. But have used Jam Play. Like you said it is the real deal! I think pretty much all the song lessons are at least 30 minutes longer and they break it down note by note. Not to mention all the other great lessons they have on their site.

    Once agiain thanks for the article!

    1. Hey Brok, thanks for the great feedback! I really appreciate the comment. Also, I definitely agree, the JamPlay song lessons are very in-depth. I have learned a lot more than just songs from those lessons. They do a great job of also explaining how the songs are put together and explaining the scales and chords they are based around.

      Glad you enjoyed the article, thanks again for the comment!

  2. This is nice man, I just got done jammin a little bit ago. Don’t know any Machine Head. Cool, bout to go check out your Gibson review. Looking Good!

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