We Tried It: Jamplay Review (2021 Update)

  • April 6, 2018
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Updated: May 4, 2021

Jamplay’s online guitar lesson membership has been one of the industry leaders for close to a decade. While there are many excellent features, a membership is not for everyone. As a guitar teacher and long time Jamplay member, I want to help you decide if a membership is worth your money with this in-depth Jamplay review.

Updated: January 14, 2021

Overall Score: 9.9/10

JamPlay Logo

Guitar lessons can be found very easily online. With how easy it is to create & upload to the web today, online guitar lessons are a dime a dozen. Hundreds, if not thousands are offered free on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. There are also millions of guitar TABs online, putting all of your favorite songs at your finger tips.

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However, learning this way leaves a huge gap in the learning process. You’re getting the TABs and maybe a video lesson, but missing all of the knowledge that went into making that music. Being a guitar player is about more than just knowing how to play 100 different songs. You need to be able to dissect and write them too!

Jamplay.com offers an excellent solution to bridging this gap at an affordable cost.

JamPlay At A Glance

Jamplay features a large variety of features for their members to utilize. Here are just a few notable features you get with a Jamplay membership:

  • 7,000+ Video Guitar Lessons
  • 100s of Authentic Song Lessons
  • Personal Q&A Sessions
  • Supplemental Material for Every Lesson, Including TABs, Chord Charts and more
  • 100+ Instructors to Pick from- Find Your Match Today!
  • Massive Online Community of Guitar Teachers and Students
  • Advanced Chord & Scale Finder
  • Over 500 Professional Jam Tracks
  • Interactive Games to Make Learning Music Theory Fun
  • Several Other Great Features!
  • Check Out All the Awesome Features Jamplay Offers: Here.

    Membership Analysis

    99% Overall


    JamPlay Cost

    Monthly Standard

    Full Access for 30 Days




    • 7,000+ Lessons from over 100 teachers
    • Chord & Scale Library
    • Monthly Gear Giveaways
    • All Master Courses Included
    • Live Courses
    • iOS, Android & Amazon Apps
    Annual Pro

    All 8 Toolkits, a consultation, ownership credits & more!




    • Full Access for 1 year
    • $1,194 Total Value
    • All 8 Toolkits
    • 1-On-1 Personal Consultation
    • 25 Ownership Credits
    • JamPlay 50/50 T-Shirt

    Get 25% Off Jamplay Lessons

    Jamplay History

    Founded in 2006, Jamplay has made a name for itself as the premier online guitar lesson website. Offering over 4,000 guitar lessons, with over 70 professional guitar teachers, including many from famous bands, it’s easy to see why Jamplay has earned such an excellent reputation in the short time it has been around.

    Jamplay’s 4 Phase Learning System

    Similar to the CORE Learning System that GuitarTricks offers, Jamplay feature’s a 4 Phase Learning System:

    Phase 1 – Beginner lessons

    In Phase 1 you will learn all the essentials a beginning guitar player should know. A strong emphasis is put on learning and applying theory from the very start. Lesson topics include everything from holding a pic to advanced harmonic minor soloing.

    In essence, these lessons are not only designed for beginners, but to take you from a beginner to an intermediate guitarist. Lessons are offered both on guitar and bass, as well as electric and acoustic guitar.

    Phase 2 – Genre and Skill Based Lessons

    These lessons are also offered electric and acoustic, guitar and bass. After completing a fair amount of Phase 1 lessons, you will want to start developing your strengths and improving your weaknesses. To do this you will need more focused lessons.

    You’ll need lessons devoted to only to 1 or 2 concepts. This is where the skills lessons come in to play. Everything from tapping to sweeping to singing while playing guitar. Name a guitar skill, that’s your place.

    Like a few bands in a certain genre and thought about starting your own? Not really sure what the common scales, chords and riffs in that particular genre are? That’s where the genre lessons will help you out big. From Classical to Reggae to Flamenco- it’s all in there.

    Phase 3 – 100s of Authentic Song Lessons

    This is what every beginning and intermediate guitarists wants. In a survey of 1000 guitarists who had played for 1-3 years, over 90% reported learning songs as their #1 goal.

    Next in the 4 Phase System is Jamplay’s extensive list of song lessons.

    The Good

    These lessons are sort-able so you can filter through the lessons you want to take. Lesson sorting labels include: difficulty, acoustic vs electric, genre, lesson duration and more. While the lessons may be labelled "Phase 3", you can access any of them any time.

    • JamPlay song lessons are thorough, with an average time upwards of 20 minutes.
    • Many lessons are taught by the writing artist
    • You can purchase song lessons for lifetime ownership via Ownership Credits
    • All lessons include supplemental TAB and GuitarPro files

    The Bad

    There are a handful of complaints I have about JamPlay's song lessons. First, the list is largely propped up by original compositions by the teachers.

    Don't get me wrong, the song's are great, but if you're looking to learn how to play hit songs, there are some, but not many. Luckily they seem to be putting more emphasis in adding popular songs to the list lately.

    I found GuitarTrticks is better in this regard. Though, GuitarTricks does not allow you to download their song lessons due to licensing issues, whereas JamPlay does allow you to download the lessons and supplemental material.

    My next complaint is the sorting and filtering. JamPlay allows you to sort the lessons based on their columns  however that's it. I would like to see the option to truly filter songs out.

    Say I want to see only easy acoustic guitar songs, for example. There is no way to do this. You have to choose to sort either by acoustic or difficulty level, then search manually from there.

    Phase 4 – Songwriting Lessons

    Once you’ve learned your fair share of songs, you’ll want to start creating original music. When that happens learning the ins and outs of songwriting is a must. There is a science to song structure that formulates to awesome songs. These lessons will teach you that formula to get you writing songs in your favorite genre, and fast.

    Jamplay Features & Games

    JamPlay has a wide variety of features for their members. From lick and scale libraries to fret and note memorization games, there are enough features on Jamplay to take you from a complete beginner to an expert guitarist.

    jamplay review

    UPDATE (1/14/21): With the recent sunsetting of Adobe Flash and Flash no longer being supported by web browsers, all of the 3 training games (Fretboard Trainer, Music Notation Quizzer and Note Identification) are broken since they are flash-based tools. 

    Currently there is no word on when these tools will be fixed, though hopefully they will be fixed soon.

    Ownership Credits

    Ownership credits are new for JamPlay and I'm very happy they've added this feature. Ownership credits allow you to "buy" JamPlay lessons so that you can download the lessons to your computer, including the videos, TABs, PDFs and Guitar Pro files.

    What's even better about Ownership credits is that lessons purchased are yours for life. Even if your JamPlay membership expires you can still log on to JamPlay to access the lessons you've purchased. This can be really nice if, say, your computer crashes and you need to download the lessons again or something like that. I feel that Ownership Credits alone really add a great deal of value to JamPlay's cost.

    See the full list of Jamplay features here.

    JamPlay Cost

    Monthly Standard

    Full Access for 30 Days




    • 7,000+ Lessons from over 100 teachers
    • Chord & Scale Library
    • Monthly Gear Giveaways
    • All Master Courses Included
    • Live Courses
    • iOS, Android & Amazon Apps
    Annual Pro

    All 8 Toolkits, a consultation, ownership credits and more!




    • Full Access for 1 year
    • $1,194 Total Value
    • All 8 Toolkits
    • 1-On-1 Personal Consultation
    • 25 Ownership Credits
    • JamPlay 50/50 T-Shirt

    Get 25% Off Jamplay Lessons

    Room for Improvement…

    The most obvious drawback Jamplay has is it’s cost. After all, of all the online options, Jamplay is the most expensive at $19.99/mo. Their money back guarantee is also only for 7 days. That doesn’t leave the user much time to try out the service and decide if the website is right for them.

    Additionally, unlike GuitarTricks, Jamplay does not offer any sort of free trial. I think with such a short money back window, a trial of some kind would be nice (Check out my GuitarTricks Review if you want to learn more).

    Notable Features

    One thing I really like about Jamplay is the “Progress Report” feature. This feature tracks the progress you make in every Jamplay lesson you ever open.

    By accessing your progress report you can not only see a history of every lesson you have ever taken at Jamplay, but also how far you got in each lesson and a combined completion percentage of every lesson.

    JamPlay Progress Report

    Jamplay's "Progress Report" Feature

    This feature is a great way to note if you are jumping from topic to topic to frequently. Guitar takes time, as does the mastery of any given concept on guitar. Keep your percentages above 80% and you’re doing well.

    More Jamplay Reviews from Real Members

    WOW guys I just wanted to say great job on the site. I used to play guitar a lot but just somehow managed to lose interest & could no longer find time to play. I can now just pick up my guitar whenever I am in the mood and start learning. I have never been so excited about learning!

    Calvin Thompson

    Jamplay Member

    I don't have any questions but did want to pass along that I'm very impressed with JamPlay and Steve Eulberg in particular. It's not often anymore that the you purchase something and then find that it actually exceeds your expectations. So I'm very pleased so far.

    Ross H.
    Jamplay Member

    I've got to tell you that this is the best experience that I could ever have. I have taken guitar lessons from a local teacher who is superb. Unfortunately I had to stop for a while and couldn't get back with her to continue. I find your instructors, especially Steve Eulberg outstanding. When I had question, the answer always came back to me within 24 hours. I want to thank you again for your professional service and excellent instruction.

    Arthur M.
    Jamplay Member

    Get 25% Off Jamplay Lessons

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is There a JamPlay Free Trial?

    Yes! JamPlay does offer a 7-Day Free Trial, which you can take advantage of right away: here.

    How Much Does JamPlay Cost?

    JamPlay offers 3 membership options: Monthly ($20/mo), Annual ($159.95/yr) and Annual Pro ($299.95/yr). However JamPlay often holds promotions that knock a lot off the total price, so it's worth keeping an eye out for those. I'll be sure to let you know any time one rolls around, so check back here often.

    If I'm Dissatisfied, Can I get A Refund?

    Absolutely! Jamplay has a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If after a week you decide that Jamplay isn’t for you, simply cancel your account, shoot them an eMail explaining that you’re unhappy with the service and you’ll get a full refund.

    Is There A Helpful Community?

    Yes, Jamplay features a massive online community of both guitar teachers and students.

    Is There A Limit On How Many Lessons I Can Take?

    No way! With a full membership you have unlimited access to all 4,000+ guitar lessons, 100s of song lessons, dozens of features, games and more!

    JamPlay Review Conclusion

    Compared to the rest of the competition, Jamplay by far has the most lessons and features. In addition to featuring some of my favorite learning tools, like the fretboard memorization game, most of their lessons also put a heavy focus on theory and application. With a $5/mo savings over GuitarTricks, it's hard to beat JamPlay's overall value.

    I hope you found this Jamplay review helpful. Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them for me in the box below. I will get back to you within 24 hours, usually much sooner. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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    1. Do you think it better to learn something like the guitar in person or do you think you can learn as well online with Jamplay, although I do like the idea of being alone with myself as I learn I on a norm, I don’t take orders and not a real good player with others so these are the reasons I like the idea of being by my self?

      As a child, I wasn’t very patient I got bored very quickly so I never got the whole guitar thing down right along with the saxophone not past marry had a little lamb for both.

      I feel in my opinion if I was to try and learn the guitar now in my life with you’re Jamplay I could probably learn the guitar.

      Thank You 

      Bill Wright    

    2. As a self taught guitar player this website would have been very useful in the early days when I was starting out. I mainly used YouTube. My daughter is now learning so may well consider JamPlay to help her. Is this good value compared to some of the other sites? Thanks for the read

      1. Hi Dan,

        Thank you for the comment. I would say compared to other paid lesson sites, JamPlay’s guitar lessons are the best value you will find. There is something for all skill levels and all interests on there, your daughter will definitely love a membership! If you have any questions about the membership feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to answer any you may have. I’ve been a paying JamPlay member for several years. Take care and good luck!

    3. Thanks for bringing us this information on Jamplay.

      This sounds like a really good way to learn to play the guitar and to get you motivated to keep going.  It is good how it teaches you all about not just playing, but also about writing your own music.

      I definitely encourage your readers to give this a try if try are any way serious about learning to play the guitar.  Especially bas they can get started on the free 7 day trial.

      1. Hi Geoff,

        Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you found the JamPlay review helpful. I agree, JamPlays songwriting lessons really take a guitarist’s skills to the next level from just dabbling with other people’s songs and riffs to being to write your own killer riffs.

    4. Very interesting review. Im just starting my adventure with guitar and posts like this are extremely useful. For now I was looking for lessons mostly on free sites but to be fair I wasn’t to happy with content. I haven’t heard before about Jamplay but its seems as a perfect place for beginners. Price is reasonable and looking on your review there are tons of training materials which helps me get better. Looking forward to test it in practice.

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found the JamPlay review helpful. I hope you enjoy the lessons when you sign up!

    5. Wow, I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar since I was a child and seeing this now makes me feel so delighted. What makes me the most happy is that there are over seven thousand video lessons which would make it so easy to learn. I am definitely signing up for this lesson here. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing opportunity

    6. Howdy Dev, I’ve been wanting to learn to play the guitar for around two years now. The issue is that starting appears so daunting to me. I also don’t even own a guitar, so a good place to start would be getting one. I’ll look into Jamplay in the future, once I get my own guitar.

      1. Hi Erick,

        Thanks for the comment! I am glad you found the review helpful. Do stop by again once you get your guitar!

    7. What I found so amazing about the guitar is being able to not just pull those strings but being able to make such beautiful sounds which I think is a work of art. This is the first time that I have heard of this platform. My two sons are in the process of learning the guitar I will make mention of this platform to them. It is so good to know that you have platforms like these that can help out in such great ways.

    8. Hmm, my first impression is that either you are extremely picky or unusually precise (I think that latter!) when looking at your 9.9/10 rating for your Jamplay Review. Also, as a reader, it means a lot to me that you recently updated an April 6, 2018 post. That establishes your long-standing credibility.

      For starters, I am going to start playing the guitar not only because it increases your IQ by 8/15 of a standard deviation but also, more importantly, I want to experience the joys of learning how to adequately play a musical instrument.

      I’m not for sure how much this has to do with being a guitarist, but I absolutely adore the structure on your site. I find it quite inspiring how intelligently you outline the benefits of joining Jamplay as well as what to expect. You also give some reviews from other users which enhances everything you said. Essentially, you back your claims up with evidence. And even provide a counterargument when you expound on the good and the bad alike.

      Above all, JamPlay Review seems like the best option out there. The exclusive features are limitless. Very awesome!

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks so much for the great feedback. I am glad you found the review helpful and hope that you find success with JamPlay. I absolutely want to reinforce the positives of jamPlay where possible. I am also working on a video review of jamPlay coming soon. I’ve been a member for a few years now and really feel it’s the best paid online guitar lesson out there. With the recent TrueFire acquisition as well, the future looks very bright for JP!

    9. I have been looking for a place to learn the guitar for a while now. I started learning the ukulele not too long ago and would also like to learn the guitar but there are no teachers near me as well as the pandemic has prevented me from moving around much. Thank you for this review. I was uncertain about this platform but after reading your review I feel a little better having this as an option. 

      1. Hi Dane,

        Thanks for the comment! I am glad you found my review helpful. JamPlay is definitely a great option if you are looking to learn how to play guitar online.

    10. Wow, I had no idea such places existed. I mean, I used to be an avid member of the Next Level Guitar community. But I don’t exactly remember them being huge on jam tracks which is what I felt I was missing at the time after I’d learned a ton of advanced techniques and just felt pretty proficient overall. I haven’t been in the trenches with this for a while and I bet they’ve might have changed in that regard but just taking a look at Jamplay at a glance, it looks like the kind of place I would love to be a part of. 

      I mean, 500 jam tracks along with interactive games to learn music theory for 20 bucks sounds just too good for me to pass. Nevermind, the masterclasses and live Q&A sessions and 7k video guitar lessons. 

      I really appreciate you sharing. Cheers.

      1. Hi Matiss,

        Thanks for the comment! I hadn’t heard of Next Level Guitar but I’ll look into it. Thats too bad about their lack of backing tracks to play along with. They are definitely a great practice tool to get more used to playing with a band behind you and JamPlay has loads of jamTracks and are constantly adding more to practice along with. I am glad this review has helped you out, I hope that if you join JamPlay you are satisfied. I’d love to hear your experience after joining and what you think. Thanks again for stopping by and the comment!

    11. Thank you for this review of Jamplay’s guitar lesson membership.  This is highly timely as my stepson has just asked to start some guitar lessons and this may well be the right package for him.  I confess, I was slightly sceptical to him having “on-line lessons” for something that is so hands on but the way you describe jamplay it sounds like a very effective membership.   He needs lessons as he is undertaking a musical composer course and he has been encouraged to take online guitar lessons to help in that process. The membership package combined with your excellent analysis, makes me think this could in fact be the answer for him.  Just so we can compare, can you recommend any other online guitar lessons courses?

      1. Hi Trevor,

        Thanks so much for the comment. You’ve got it spot on, Jamplay online guitar lessons will definitely help your stepson out with his guitar playing, as well as the composer course you mentioned he is taking as there are many songwriting lessons in JamPlay’s lesson offerings as well. As far as other online guitar lessons go, I’d recommend also looking into GuitarTricks. Their lesson style and overall site layout is very different from JamPlay’s. You can learn more about it in my GuitarTricks review, or you can compare the 2 with my side-by-side GuitarTricks Vs JamPlay Membership Reviews. Also, if you’d like, you can also get a GuitarTricks Free Trial by clicking that link. Thanks again for the comment! I hope your stepson enjoys JamPlay if that’s the route you end up taking.

    12. Thanks for the updated article and all the detail.  My partner and I are using Guitar Tricks and a DVD he found on Ebay, and it seems to be going OK overall.  Beginning is the hardest part I’d say, as we still have a day or two here and there where we just don’t feel like doing the same scales again and again.  I think Jamplay is worth looking into though, especially if we get to the point where we can actually play songs, which hopefully will happen at some point.  It sounds intuitive and I love the interface.  Thanks for the review.

      1. Hi Max,

        Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you found the review helpful. You’re definitely right, beginning guitar is the hardest part and where a lot of folks give up. JamPlay’s beginner guitar lessons are an excellent way to keep yourself motivated, on track and making consistent progress. I just recently started learning Fingerstyle guitar and their beginner fingerstyle courses have been incredible for me and I’m sure you can find lessons on JamPlay that will do the same for you. Thanks again for the comment!

    13. Music lessons online? This is AWESOME! especially considering the situation we’re in now.  Our local music school was closed for months, leaving many students high and dry. Who knows if they will close again. This would be a great solution.  It is also an answer for those who are confined to their homes during this crisis.  My personal feeling is that $19.99 is not too much to pay to see if the school suits one’s need and, with all the different levels and programs available, I don’t know why it wouldn’t.  Thank you for this info!!!

      1. Hi Cynthia,

        Thanks so much for the comment. I’m glad you found this review helpful. I agree with all of your points. With the pandemic and being locked up in my apartment, I’ve been using my JamPlay lessons daily and loving the progress I’ve made in the last year. I renew using the annual subscription to save a few bucks, but $20/mo isn’t bad at all when you compare that to how much a single private lesson costs (Usually $50-100), and at 1 lesson per week they could cost you several hundred dollars per month!

    14. I always wanted to learn to play the guitar. I am not musically talented and do not pick up easily on notes, making it hard for me learn. This looks like a great program to get started on. The lay out and expectations for every stage are realistic, and the program itself seems very enjoyable. Just a quick question. Do you get any one on one with a real person or is everything virtual?

      1. Hi there Esperanza,

        Thanks for the comment and question! There is an option for a one-on-one consultation with their Pro-tier membership option, but these meetings would be held virtually. There are also live video lessons that are part of larger, curated courses centered around given topics, though those are also virtual but allow you to ask questions and interact directly with the teacher during the lesson. Hope that helps!

    15. Thank you so much for this jamplay review! I find the article very helpful. I have a musically-inclined maternal family but unfortunately, I am one of the very few (if not the only one) who doesn’t know how to play any musical instrument, let alone a guitar. My brother tried to teach me when we were younger, but he was hopeless. Maybe, it is not late for me yet to learn the guitar thru jamplay.

      I will surely mention this to my husband as well, because he used to play guitar in his childhood, but has totally forgotten now. Maybe he want to refresh it.

      Do you know if this class is also ok for kids? I want my kids to know how to play the guitar at an early age. Thanks

      1. Hi Julai,

        Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you found my JamPlay review helpful. JamPlay is suitable for all ages and skill levels so your children and husband both will get plenty of value out of Jamplay’s guitar lessons. If you’re looking to jump back into the journey of learning guitar you will also find lots of value from a membership. If there are any specific topics or skills you think your family may want to focus on, let me know and I’ll check the JamPlay database for you to let you know what their offerings look like there. Thanks again for the comment!

    16. This seems like a great resource for beginner guitar players! I recently went looking locally to me to find a guitar school for my 12 year old son, and to be honest £35 per lesson was Way too expensive as they required a minimum term contract too. I’m happy to see this is a more cost effective alternative so maybe he can learn after all! 🙂 Many thanks for the review. 🙂

      1. Hi Sophie,

        Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you found the review helpful. private guitar lessons can add up super fast and will easily cost more than a year of JamPlay in just the first month so it’s definitely a much more cost effective option than private lessons. Thanks again for the comment!

    17. Thanks a lot for sharing a post about the jamplay guitar lesson, its really a lovely post. Have always been a lover of music and instrument, so I tried out piano and also go a guitar later on, but I was discouraged when I was told am tone deaf. So is there anything jamplay could offer me so as to learn with my tone deaf? 

      1. Hi Williams,

        Thanks for the comment! I’m sorry to hear someone discouraged you. That’s no good, musicians should help each other not put each other down. To answer your question, yes. JamPlay has a variety of Ear Training lessons as well as ear training tools and games to help dial in your pitch recognition. Currently those games aren’t working due to the sunset of Adobe flash but I have been told by JamPlay that they are aware and those will be fixed soon. Thanks again for the comment!

    18. Hi there. I sure wish there was Jamplay back when my son was younger. I purchased an acoustic guitar for him because he wanted to learn how to play. I found a teacher at a music store, but he was charging me for lessons and never taught my son. If this would have been available, my son would’ve been playing guitar like a professional by now. Thank you for sharing this because now I am interested in learning how to play. 

      1. Hi there Evelyn,

        Thanks for the comment. Agreed, I definitely wish I knew about JamPlay sooner, and definitely wish it was around back when I was learning guitar, but the internet barely existed back then (man I’m old)! That’s a shame your son had a poor teacher! With JamPlay you don’t have to worry about that because even if a teacher doesn’t fit your (or your sons) learning style, there are over a hundred teachers to choose from so there’s sure to be a good fit for him. Thanks again for the comment!

    19. I don’t play guitar myself but my brother and one of my nieces do and they love it. I think this is perfect form them and something they would really enjoy using. Thank you for the review, there’s so much other there for players and finding one that’s a good value for the price is like finding a needle in the haystack. 

      1. Hi there Dash,

        Thanks so much for the comment. I’m happy to hear your nieces and brother love playing the guitar. JamPlay is definitely a great value, as you said. Take care!

    20. I have been searching online for courses on how to learn to play the guitar. I first started watching YouTube videos. But I found a lot of inconsistency. And one channel would take me in one direction and leave me there half way through and then when I started with another channel, it would lead me in a different direction.

      I read good comments in a forum about JamPlay. And I liked what you said about it on your review. I really liked the progress report feature. And I feel the price is affordable. I’ll give it a try.

      1. Hi Paolo,

        Thanks for the comment. YouTube is always a really great starting point. There’s enough there to get anyone going, for sure. However for people who are really serious about making good progress, a membership to JamPlay will pay dividends. The progress report feature is really nice, it’s like positive reinforcement almost. Thanks again for the comment, take care!

    21. thanks for the post. I had never heard of Jamplay until I came across this sit. I’m not a musician, but guitar playing sounds interesting.  I’d definitely start with this as a stepping stone. At first, I was going to go the free route, like maybe using youtube to learn how to play. But now that i see how affordable Jamplay is, I just may invest.

      1. Hi Shalisha,

        Thanks so much for the comment. I’m glad you found the review helpful. Free guitar lessons definitely have their place (heck, otherwise what would I be doing here?) but JamPlay really takes things to that next level and as you said, really is quite affordable now. They used to cost $40/month so this new price makes their value truly unbeatable. Thanks again for the comment!

    22. Thank you for this 2021 update. The year is still new and I have not found an updated review for Jamplay. This is the first 2021 review that I have found and I really appreciate you for being on top of things with this. This has been the most concise and thorough review that I have read on the internet, I will come back for more info from you

      1. Hi Misael,

        Thank you for the comment. A lot has changed at JamPlay even in just the last year alone so I wanted to make sure to bring you those updates as soon as possible. I’m glad you found this JamPlay review helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns that I may have missed. Thanks again and take care!

    23. I have been looking into starting lessons for the guitar, I have owned one for years had a couple of lessons then never really went back to it, so this did spark my interest. It seems to be exactly what I am looking for and reading the website I am very tempted. I will have to get my guitar ready to use and will give it a go. This has been very informative for anyone who is looking into starting. Thank you

      1. Hi Ben,

        Thanks so much for the comment. I’m happy to hear this JamPlay review has re-ignited your interest in learning guitar. JamPlay is definitely an amazing resource to take your playing to the next level. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let me know and I will be happy to help!

    24. Hello there, Thank you very much for this Jamplay review. This guitar tutorial site is one of the best to be honest. After reading this JamPlay review, I decided to conduct a complete evaluation of the site, to determine the way in which guitar students can profit using their tutorials. About 2 hours into our Jamplay review, I  was certainly pleased.

    25. I’m a piano teacher, so I agree with you that, even if there’s a lot of tutorial online to “learn” an instrument, a person will have a lot of technical weaknesses at the end of the day and will, finally, look for a teacher.  If they were some ear training lessons, the platform would have been just perfect. But I like that they teach you the basic of songwriting. Cool.

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks so much for the comment. JamPlay has added some ear training tools however they are currently broken due to Adobe Flash being sunset. However, they do offer a variety of ear training guitar lessons, beyond just using tools to train yourself. I highly recommend checking those out. Thanks again for the comment.

    26. Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be honest with you, I’ve never even heard of these guys (probably because I’m not much of a musician lol). But, I do have a desire to play guitar. Just as a stepping stone, as I ultimately want to learn violin. I was just going to stick to Youtube to help me out, but I might have to check these guys out. Thanks again! 

      1. Hi there,

        Thanks so much for the comment! YouTube has lots of great tutorials as well but will only get you so far. If you really want to maximize the amount of progress you make there are few that compare to the effectiveness of Jamplay. Thanks again for the comment!

    27. Hey! Thanks for this review! I second all you have said. A friend of mine used Jamplay!  It has got special tools that can take you from an absolute beginner to being able to focus on any style you wish to play. Awesome tutorials with 3 different camera angles to show you how to follow the tutor. I strongly recommend for any one who would love to learn the guitar

    28. The progress checker is neat! Learning online although offers us freedom but also can sometimes be a drag because since there’s so much freedom, we tend to sometimes lose track of our progress. I’ve tried learning guitar online before and failed miserably because I got so busy at one point and when I returned after week, I forgot where I stopped the lesson and gave up entirely and ended up spending more money at Yamaha just to learn guitar lessons. Definitely checking this out!  

      1. Hi Riaz,

        Thanks for the comment! I agree having as many options for online lessons can make it difficult to know where to even begin. I highly recommend checking out the JamPlay beginner series lessons, as those lessons sets have dozens of lessons designed to be completed in order and give you a well rounded education. In addition to that, definitely check out my lesson on developing a guitar practice routine to make learning fun and see consistent progress. Thanks again for the comment and do feel free to drop by with any further questions.

    29. Good review of Jamplay. Very positive. Is it really that good? I`ve just read another review that isn`t so positive but still says a few good things about Jamplay, although it says a few things that surprised me.http://guitardomination.net/jamplay-review/
      Anyway, I`m thinking of going to Jamplay rather Guitar Tricks, it just seems better value.Overall, thanks a lot for the very in-depth review mate!

      1. Hi David,

        Thanks for the comment! I definitely believe that JamPlay is that good. Over the years it has seen many great improvements. I don't see a date on the post you've shared so Im not sure how recent that review is but with the price reduction and all the great new lessons and features, I 100% back JamPlay as a recommended resource for all guitarists. Thanks for the comment!

    30. WOW! completely shocked when I saw the membership analysis! 100{790f71337e6d98064c4c8714ea5ae8212dc273c8f6afc851cec3faf612e5f056} on nearly everything…can’t be bad then LOL
      Awesome review Dev 🙂

      1. Jamplay is definitely one of the best online guitar lesson sites out there! Thanks for the comment Charlie, I’m glad you found my review helpful. Should you end up going with Jamplay, please drop by again and let us know what you think!

    31. I suspect they secure the sale by drawing you in with a free trial or, in this case, a 7 day money back guarantee, but don’t give you nearly enough time to really try things out.

      That said, if they can offer value for money, then I guess you could overlook something like this.

      1. Actually Ken, in just an afternoon I was able to decide that Jamplay was the best choice for me. I certainly agree 7 days is not very much time at all, and most people will take a bit longer to decide than I did.

        However, you can definitely tell by lookin around if you will be able to find what you need. You can also cancel at any time, so if you cancel before the next billing period, you will not be billed again.

      1. Hey Christopher, thanks for the great feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed the samples! Plenty more lessons, with TABs and more, over at the Jamplay website.

    32. Very authentic, very clean, very informative…this is the BEST way of shopping…makes you into a wise buyer for sure. Thanks for the loaded breakdown

    33. Wow! this is very informative and I love the statistics…if I ever wanna take guitar as a hobby…I know where to go:-)

    34. Thanks for this review! You very clearly explained exactly what Jamplay is and what they offer. I really liked the layout of the review – it made it so much easier to really digest all the details. Thanks!

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