Iron Maiden Festival Coming Soon?

  • September 16, 2013
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Updated: December 6, 2020


iron maiden festival
Bruce Dickinson

After a great show on Friday, September 13 in San Bernardino, CA Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain spoke to The Press Enterprise on future plans. Steamed up by the performance he says the show was a massive success. He also hinted at the possibility of an Iron Maiden Festival coming in the future.

Also playing the bill with Maiden were Thrash Metal legends Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Warbringer, amongst a few others. McBrain stated that compared to the 2005 show in San Bernardino which “we shan’t talk about now” was a fantastic gig.

Iron Maiden Festival: Maiden England…But Bigger

The show was, in my mind, an expansion of Iron Maiden’s 2012 “Maiden England” Tour which I was fortunate enough to see in Boston. With that many Thrash icons I can see why it was such a great show. Additionally, with that many big names on the set, the event was essentially a festival.

Bands like Anthrax took the stage again for the first time after a break without drummer, Charlie Benante. Benante was unable to play for some time due to having surgery for Carpel Tunnel.

Respects to the Other Bands

McBrain reports of a great set from the New York based thrash group, as well. Paying homage to fallen metal legends such as “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott and Ronnie James Dio, I would have loved to see that set. I have also read reports of an excellent performance of the bands classic, “Caught in a Mosh”.

McBrain was happy with all the supporting bands performances, except for bands Overkill and Warbringer whom he missed, but stated,

[blockquote]…played on a special stage set up among the concession and T-shirt booths, too. I’m sorry I missed them, but the pictures from their sets look like it was packed.[/blockquote]

In regards to their supporting act Megadeth, who also plaid with them for a lot of the Maiden England tour last summer, he praised,

[blockquote]They’ve got a great show. They’ve got these wonderful Jumbotron tellies and screens and they’re sounding really, really good.[/blockquote]

iron maiden festival

When Nicko McBrain was asked if Maiden had any thoughts on turning this show of epic proportions into a national or even international festival, McBrain replied:

[blockquote]You never know, you just never know in this game. I think it would be great to do a Maiden Fest.[/blockquote]

There it is. Maiden Fest! Obviously there is no solid plan for the tour yet. As it stands, a curious reporter and fan rumors are all the water the festival holds. However I think it would be awesome, I know I would attend.

What are your thoughts on a Maiden Fest? Would you attend? Did you get to see them in San Bernardino? What other bands would you rather see them play with? Please leave any thoughts or questions below.


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