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  • January 21, 2014
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Updated: December 6, 2020

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best online guitar lessonsOverall Score: 8/10

Interested in taking online guitar lessons but not sure which websites will give you the most bang for your buck? InfiniteGuitar will give you a great deal of value at the lowest cost of any guitar lesson membership site.

I’ve been teaching guitar for several years and have tested many approaches to find what lessons work best for guitarists of all levels.

Is InfiniteGuitar the best fit for you? My hope is that this review will help you decide. If at the end of this review you still have questions or concerns, please leave me a comment in the box at the end of the post. I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions![/tab]

[tab title=”Features”]For such an affordable price, InfiniteGuitar offers a great variety of features to their members. Here are just a few feature’s you’ll get instant access to when you sign up:


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[list][list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Over 1,000 Video Guitar Lessons[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Lesson Plans[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Chord Finder[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]TABs and GuitarPro File Featured for Every Lesson[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]15 Professional Guitar teachers[/list_item][/list]


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[list][list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Advanced Lesson Finder[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Random Lessons[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Hundreds of Professional Backing Tracks[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]Huge Online Guitar Community[/list_item]

[list_item size=”large” icon=”icon-ok” hex_color=”#000000″]And Many Other Great Features![/list_item][/list]



Check Out All the Awesome Features InfiniteGuitar Offers: Here.


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[toggle title=”Can I Try Before I Buy?”]Unfortunately InfiniteGuitar doesn’t offer a free trial. However they do have a 3 day money back Guarantee. So if you decide within a week that you don’t like the service, you can get a full refund of what you paid. Also, you can get 20{790f71337e6d98064c4c8714ea5ae8212dc273c8f6afc851cec3faf612e5f056} off your first month at InifiniteGuitar by going: Here. and entering promo code: “TBGL20OFF”[/toggle]

[toggle title=”If I’m Dissatisfied, Can I Get a Refund?”]Yup! InfiniteGuitar offers a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee. If after a week you decide that it isn’t for you, simply cancel your account, shoot them an eMail explaining that you’re unhappy with the service and you’ll get a full refund.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is There A Helpful Community?”]Yes, InfiniteGuitar has a huge online community of both guitar teachers and students.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Is There A Limit On How Many Lessons I Can Take?”]Not at all! With a membership you have unlimited access to every lesson, feature, and more![/toggle]


[tab title=”Discounts”]As a thank you for reading my review I have a discount code I would like you to have. Follow this link to get 20{790f71337e6d98064c4c8714ea5ae8212dc273c8f6afc851cec3faf612e5f056} off your first month at Click here! and enter promo code: “TBGL20OFF”



Disclosure: is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. My goal is to match you with the best product or service for your own goals/needs. Should you decide to sign up with one through one of my links I will receive a commission for bringing said company the business. I will never review/recommend a product I know is not of the highest quality. Here you can read my whole Affiliate Notice. – Dev


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Membership Analysis

[skill title=”Lesson Quality” percent=”90″]

[skill title=”Lesson Variety” percent=”100″]

[skill title=”Song Variety” percent=”90″]

[skill title=”Interface” percent=”95″]

[skill title=”Customer Support” percent=”100″]

[skill title=”Value for Cost” percent=”100″]

[skill title=”Lesson Resources Quality” percent=”80″]

[skill title=”Overall” percent=”93″]



[pricing_item title=”InfiniteGuitar Features” size=”col-6″  last_column=”true” button_title=”Visit InfiniteGuitar” button_link=””]

[pricing_row is_price=”true”]$10.00/mo[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-ok” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Active Forum[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-ok” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Chord Library[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-remove” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Guitar/Bass Tuner[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-ok” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Jam Tracks[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-ok” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Lesson TABs[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-remove” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Live Streaming Lessons[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-remove” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Personal Q&A’s[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-remove” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Scale Library[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-ok” size=”16px” color=”#000000″] Song Lessons[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row][icon icon=”icon-remove” size=”16px” color=”#000000″]  Free Trial[/pricing_row]

[pricing_row] Feature Rating: 6/10[/pricing_row]



Want 20{790f71337e6d98064c4c8714ea5ae8212dc273c8f6afc851cec3faf612e5f056} off InfiniteGuitar Guitar Lessons? Follow This Link and enter Promo Code: “TBGL20OFF“. Enjoy!


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InfiniteGuitar History

Founded in 2008, InfiniteGuitar aims to “provide the most effective and comprehensive guitar lessons on the internet. Since it’s start InfiniteGuitar has become home to almost 2,000 video guitar lessons, over 100 song lessons and 15 professional guitar teachers.

It can be tough to stand out against competition such as Jamplay and GuitarTricks, however I believe InfiniteGuitar has done a great job doing so. Featuring almost as many lessons, genres and features as the competition at only half the cost. That’s a job well done, if you ask me.

Learn Your Favorite Songs!

One of my favorite aspects of InfiniteGuitar are the song lessons. Virtually every guitarist cites learning songs as their #1 goal. However I believe it’s much more important to understand the song than to just be able to play it.

InfiniteGuitar offers over 100 song lessons to their members. Many are actual songs, however most are not. Most song lessons that you will find are “In the style of..” lessons.

infiniteguitar review

Personally, I believe this to be much better. Not only will you be playing a riff very similar to the song that everyone knows, but you’ll also be putting your own spin on it.

When you learn how to play in the style of an artist or song, incorporating those newly learned riffs into your own music becomes significantly easier. Additionally, your musicianship will see a great improvement, as well.

[focus_separator_text]Check Out the Entire InfiniteGuitar Song List[/focus_separator_text]



InfiniteGuitar Features

InfiniteGuitar has several great features. Personally, I like their interface more than the rest of the competitions. Very simple, clean and easy to use and this transfers well to their features.infiniteguitar review

For example, one of my favorite features is their advanced lesson finder. You can sort through lessons based on a variety of factors such as difficulty, genre, lesson type and much more.

What’s even better is you can see the results update in real time as you refine your search.

This next feature is for all your guitarists who haven’t learned much of anything new in a while. The random lesson feature!

With one click you can either be brought straight to a random guitar lesson, or you can refresh a list of 8 random lessons. By refreshing you get another 8 random guitar lessons and can keep clicking until something catches your eye.

infiniteguitar review

Finally, the lesson plan! InfiniteGuitar offers 3 different lesson plans. These courses can be reached by clicking the “Lesson Plan” tab on the main navigation. Once there, you will be able to choose your skill level.

Once your skill level is chosen you are brought into a large list. This list is broken into sections. For example, some of the beginner course sections are: “First Things to Know”, “Your First Techniques” and “Let’s Learn Chords”.

What I Didn’t Like…

While I do prefer learning “In the style of..” I know many others who don’t. Not having more authentic song lessons will certainly be a turn off for many.

Additionally, a few more features would be great. I know that the main thing I focus on for beginners is learning the fretboard. Other websites offer interactive tools to help with memorization. Something along these lines would be very beneficial.

What I liked

As I mentioned, the interface is excellent. Very easy to navigate around the site. Additionally, the lessons are very informative and easy to follow. The metronome on every lesson is also a great feature! This makes mastering certain licks a cinch!

Building off of the overall appearance, another great feature to note is InfiniteGuitar is mobile ready. You can view any lessons or resource at any time on your smartphone. What’s even better? The overall clean, easy to use experience is not lost at all! Many of the competitors sites lose all their visual appeal and ease of use as soon as you switch from a computer to any other device.

Of course, being the most affordable option- that is a huge plus as well. For only 10 bucks a month InfiniteGuitar offers their members an excellent quality service.

[focus_separator_text]Try Out These FREE InfiniteGuitar Lessons![/focus_separator_text]


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I hope you found this review of InfiniteGuitar helpful. As I said in the beginning, should you have any questions or comments that I missed, please leave them in the comment box below. I will get back to you within 24 hours, usually much sooner. Thanks for reading!

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posted January 21, 2014

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  1. This is a very good review on guitar lessons Dev 🙂

    I had an electric guitar as a birthday present nearly 10 years ago but it has been sitting in the corner of my bedroom and gathering dust because I could never find the time to learn how to play it.

    Now I’ve seen your review about guitar lessons, I will start learning how to play it.

    Cheers, Neil

  2. Gret review Dev lots of lessons and very affordable.

    Out of infiniteguitar, jamplay and guitartricks which would you reconmend as the best one for a total newbie to start?


    1. I believe all 3 are excellent websites for beginners. InfiniteGuitar is certainly the most affordable and a great resource. However, when it really comes down to it, I would recommend Jamplay to a complete beginner.

      Primarily, this is because of Jamplay’s features and not even it’s lessons. The lessons are fairly comparable quality across the board. However, the pitch recognition and fretboard memorization games are the ultimate tools to use often while learning guitar.

      I hope this helps!

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