How to Play Guitar Step by Step: A Beginner’s Guide

  • December 15, 2020
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Updated: January 8, 2021

If you've been struggling and feeling like maybe guitar just isn't for you - you are not alone. Many people quit guitar daily because they feel they aren't progressing fast enough, are overwhelmed with all the learning material out there, their hands are too big or too small, or they simply could not afford lessons.

how to play guitar

Private guitar lessons are great, but can quickly cost you a fortune!

The reasons go on and on, and they're all valid. However they also all have solutions! 

I'm confident that by following this comprehensive, step-by-step course I will teach you how to play guitar and get you jamming in no time!

How to Play Guitar Properly and Supercharge Your Progress

By compiling the most important topics and techniques, I've condensed several months worth of guitar lessons into a 30-Day Quick-Start Beginner Guitar Course.

Each lesson is packed full of useful, actionable information so you can start seeing yourself progress fast!

In this course we will cover the following guitar essentials:

  • How to Hold a Guitar
  • Understanding every part of the guitar and how they work
  • Easy Beginner Guitar Chords
  • Learning Your First Song!
  • Scales and Theory
  • Palm Muting
  • Drop D
  • Power Chords
  • Triads
  • Octaves
  • Hammer Ons/Pull Offs
  • And much, much more!
how to play guitar

As you may know, here at TheBestGuitarLessons we are all about providing you with the highest quality content in the smallest package possible, so that you can make progress fast and be confident you aren't wasting any time.

Once you have completed the whole 30 day course you will be amazed at how comfortable you now feel with your guitar. At the end of the free guitar lessons you will know how to properly hold the guitar to make playing easier and reduce risk of injury, multiple chords that are used to play thousands of songs, how to practice guitar effectively, how to learn guitar scales, palm muting and much more! 

Every lesson has a comments section at the bottom. I want to help you on your journey to learn guitar as much as possible. So be sure to utilize that comments section ANY time you have a question on the material and we'll get you sorted out ASAP.

With all that said, let's dive right in to the first lesson!

Lesson 1: Anatomy of A Guitar

posted December 15, 2020

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