Free Video Guitar Lesson: AC/DC Style


Free Video Guitar Lesson

AC/DC Artist Study: Angus Young Licks

by Prashant Aswani of


Instructor: Prashant Aswani

Speciality: Rock, Metal


Guitar Tricks instructor Prashant Aswani takes you through some of the elements of style that make AC/DC one of the most popular

bands in rock. In this lesson we’re going to take a look at a standard pentatonic lick in the style of Angus Young. This one is in

A minor, and features the kind of aggressive bending and pentatonic playing that Angus often uses.

This free lesson is from an 8 lesson Artist Study at Guitar Tricks. This AC/DC tutorial looks at the

foundations of the band’s signature tone, how Angus and Malcolm voice their chords and give them movement, some of the pentatonic

licks they use, the use of open string licks, and double stops. In the final lesson there’s a jam along session with a rockin’

custom jam track!

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