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Guitar Practice Routine: 5 Must Haves

One of the most common questions my students ask me is how they can learn to play guitar well as fast as possible. The truth is, there are no shortcuts to getting good at guitar. If you want to develop […]

6 Basic Guitar Chords Beginners Need to Know

Guitarists love chords because they’re fun and build excellent dexterity. In this lesson you’ll learn the basic guitar chords beginners should know. What Is a Guitar Chord? A guitar chord is a series of notes played together to create one unified tone. […]

Learn Blues Guitar Fast

Blues is a great genre to learn on guitar. It’s fun, easy and full of emotion. In this lesson I’ll teach you the best way to learn blues guitar. Intro to Learning Blues Guitar Before you get started you’ll need […]

Memorize Fretboard Notes in 7 Days

Against many of my students wishes, the first things I have them work on is memorize fretboard notes. Not only does it make learning chords, scales and songs easier down the road- it makes you a much better musician to […]

Advanced Blues Guitar – Sample GuitarTricks lesson

  Free Video Guitar Lesson Blues – Advanced Improvisation Concepts by Hanspeter Kruesi of     Instructor: Hanspeter Kruesi Speciality: Blues, Jazz and Touch Technique Website: This is a lesson about advanced improvisation concepts on blues. It shows […]

Understanding Ear Training for Guitar

Anyone with half decent hand-eye coordination could become a decent technical guitarist. Ready for a bombshell? Technique isn’t everything. Being a good musician means you have a well developed ear. Ear training for guitar is how you develop the ability […]

3 Easy Ways to Learn Guitar Chords

Guitar chords can be a serious pain to learn. Confusing finger placements or tired fingers can keep you from practicing as long as you should. No worries, that’s perfectly okay. Everyone starts out where you are right now. In this […]

What Type of Guitar Wood You Should Be Using

Want a killer guitar tone? It all comes back to the wood, my friend. There are literally dozens of options for choosing what type of guitar wood, so which one is best? In order to make this decision, we will […]

Practicing Playing Guitar: A Guide

Learning guitar is work. There are rare cases out there where someone is a “natural” and the instrument comes quite easily to them, sure. However, in my opinion that’s more of a hand-eye coordination feat than the early signs of […]

Guitar Finger Exercises to Get Your Speed and Dexterity Blasted!

The Best Guitar Finger Exercises for Speed, Dexterity & Soloing Intro: Why Guitar Finger Exercises Are Essential (What will they do for me?) One of the biggest frustrations for a beginning guitarist is not being able to get your hands working together. […]