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Getting Your Favorite Guitarists Tone

I was stumbling through the web looking at some guitar pics, resources, the usual bit, I came across this pretty neat website. On the site was listed dozens of various amplifier settings to emulate those used by famous guitarists and […]

Top 3 Apps for Learning Guitar

Its difficult to find someone these days who doesn’t have an iPhone, tablet, android or some other type of smart phone. With the speed that technology is improving, and spreading, it’s no wonder that the next big market has become […]

Practicing Playing Guitar: A Guide

Learning guitar is work. There are rare cases out there where someone is a “natural” and the instrument comes quite easily to them, sure. However, in my opinion that’s more of a hand-eye coordination feat than the early signs of […]

Guitar Lesson eBook Package: Free Program

Free Guitar Lesson eBook Giveaway!! UNDER CONSTRUCTION: We are currently working on fine tuning the back end and eBook delivery system to provide a better experience for you. The eBook giveaway is not live at this time. Please check back […]

Guitar Finger Exercises to Get Your Speed and Dexterity Blasted!

The Best Guitar Finger Exercises for Speed, Dexterity & Soloing Intro: Why Guitar Finger Exercises Are Essential (What will they do for me?) One of the biggest frustrations for a beginning guitarist is not being able to get your hands working together. […]

100 Guitar Riffs In One Take: Master of Dexterity

100 Guitar Riffs? This Man Deserves A Better Job… If you were asked how many different guitar riffs you could play back-to-back in a single take, what would you say? 10? Maybe 25? Over 100? If so, I challenge you […]