​​​​About the Author

Hey guitarists and future guitarists. My name is Deven, your author. I’d just like to take a moment to tell you a little bit about myself and what I aim to do here at TheBestGuitarLessons. I began playing guitar in 4th grade with this seemingly huge Les Paul knock off that my step father had graciously lent me. Having the attention span of a rodent, and a very weak determination to master the instrument (I was 8, remember) I got discouraged in a matter of months. I came up with excuse after excuse about how my hands weren’t big enough for this big, bulky guitar and how I’d pick it up again when I can get a better guitar of my own.

A couple years later, in 7th grade, I bought my first Ibanez. It was a low end RG series that honestly felt like a piece of plywood. I did think that Wizard III neck was killer, though.. Long story short, learning the guitar did not come easily. We had an on and off relationship for a while, I’ll admit.

However, even when I wasn’t playing guitar I was still always studying it. I still loved everything about the instrument.  It wasn’t until about 2009 that I started to dedicate my time to the instrument. My parents, sour from how I handled my last shot at lessons, wouldn’t pay for guitar lessons, and that’s where my journey began and what I use as the foundation of the lessons here at TBGL.

I’ve been a member of dozens of online guitar lesson membership sites, bought several guitar DVDs- some were really helpful, some really sucked. It is my promise to you that any resource or program I recommend will be of the best quality. As I said, the guitar did not come easily to me and I will only share the resources with you that I know will make you a better guitarist.

To your playing,

– Deven

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