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Bassist Nikki Sixx Announces New Album is Best One Yet

“Sex” studio recording by Motley Crue After a recent interview at the NAMM convention in California, some interesting news surfaced about Nikki Sixx and legends Motley Crue. Bassist Nikki Sixx announced that the band is currently working on a full-length […]

Kaki King plays Pink Noise on TED

Hey everyone. I wanted to take a minute today to share something a little different with you. This blog is full of information about tours, music news and other related material. Today I would like for you to check out […]

Lost Jimi Hendrix Album Release Announced

Just announced by the Hendrix family that a lost, previously unreleased recording by the late Jimi Hendrix is being prepared for release. The album, titled “People, Hell and Angels”, was the last recording done before we lost Jimi Hendrix back […]

USB Guitar Released by Squier (w/ Video)

Alright, pretty chill news coming out from the boys over at Fender. When I first saw the news I laughed, as Apple already has a pretty extensive reach as far as different technologies they cover goes. Originally, I saw the […]

Ted Nugent Proclaims Obama Supporters Are Soulless Fools

I’m sure we’ve all heard the news by now. The election results are in, and Obama will be our president here in the United States for four more years. Some citizens are ecstatic and some displeased. Amongst the displeased is southern rock legend […]

Getting Your Favorite Guitarists Tone

I was stumbling through the web looking at some guitar pics, resources, the usual bit, I came across this pretty neat website. On the site was listed dozens of various amplifier settings to emulate those used by famous guitarists and […]

Top 3 Apps for Learning Guitar

Its difficult to find someone these days who doesn’t have an iPhone, tablet, android or some other type of smart phone. With the speed that technology is improving, and spreading, it’s no wonder that the next big market has become […]

100 Guitar Riffs In One Take: Master of Dexterity

100 Guitar Riffs? This Man Deserves A Better Job… If you were asked how many different guitar riffs you could play back-to-back in a single take, what would you say? 10? Maybe 25? Over 100? If so, I challenge you […]